The Aero Commander

The Aero Commander

Provides the customer an airliner feel at piston-twin prices.

Ted Smith’s impressive Aero Commander, assembled in Bethany, Oklahoma, by Aero Design & Engineering and afterward by Rockwell International, was a true executive-twin design, with a cockpit set up like an airliner, with control columns sprouting from the floor, an rear cabin entrance door, engines and props following behind the flight deck. Easy to board and a dream to fly, it’s a pilot’s airplane.

The Commanders had no earlier company history of single- engine design, so they were a fresh departure, incorporating a light-bomber ramp appearance. The fuel supply and baggage hold were located where a bomb bay would have been. The high wing and huge tail made for stable cruising, but the overhanging engines and wing darkens the five- seat rear cabin.

Commanders available for air charter are later versions with direct- drive Lycoming engines, like the 500B, U and S models assembled in the 1960s and‘70s. Twin Commander Corporation and its affiliates support the piston and turboprop Commanders.


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