Compared to charter aircraft piston engines, a turbo prop’s greater power-to-weight ratio (which allows for shorter takeoffs) and reliability can offset their higher initial cost, maintenance and fuel consumption. As jet fuel can be easier to obtain than avgas in remote areas, turboprop-powered aircraft like the Cessna C208 Caravan is used as a bush airplane.


Cessna C208

One pilot and 9 to 14 passengers or

1360 kg of cargo.

Single turboprop utility aircraft. In service since 1984 (Grand Caravan since 1990). Close association development with US package freight FedEx. Stretched version 208B Super Cargomaster. Further stretched more powerful version for up to 14 passengers Grand Caravan. Short version 208S. New Twin-Pack version Pathfinder 21 (ICAO designator: C08T) Developed by SOLOY, powered by two engines with single propeller by a dual-pac gearbox. US-mil. type: U27/C. Grand Caravan length: 12,7 m


Pilatus PC12

One or two pilots and typical 9 passengers (6 in executive, 4 in combi version).

Light utility and business transport. In service since 1994. Latest single engined powered Pilatus product. PC-12 has a King air sized cabin with EFIS cockpit. Also used as combi passenger / freighter. New smaller winglets since 1998.

King Air 200

Beechcraft BE20

One pilot or two crew and up to 13 passengers.

Corporate, passenger and utility aircraft. In service since 1974. Exists in many versions. 200T/ 200CT with tip tanks, 200ES with EFIS features and 200S/B200S for navaid calibration and maritime patrol. This type has been taken over and is partly built by RAYTHEON, USA. US-Mil. type: C-12.

Golden Eagle

Cessna C421

One pilot and typical 6 passengers in main cabin.

Utility twin engine aircraft. In service since 1967. Pressurized development of CESSNA 411. Improved version CESSNA 421B Golden Eagle with lengthened nose and wing span. Last version (from 1975) CESSNA 421C with bonded wet wing, no tip tanks and higher vertical tail. Production ceased in 1985.


Cessna C425

One or two pilots and 4 passengers in corporate -, up to 6 in high density configuration.

Executive transport aircraft. In service since 1980. Turbo-prop powered version of CESSNA 421 Golden Eagle. Cessna renamed the Corsair to Conquest 1 and the Conquest to Conquest 2 in 1983. Production ceased in 1986.