Business Jet Management Service

Aircraft Charter Australia is the best place to find a Business Jet for charter. We can manage a range of aircraft charter options including executive jet charters (both large and small), corporate jet charters, regional jet charters, scheduled flights, non-scheduled flights, cargo shipments and on-demand charter services.

We are experts at managing your charter so that it runs smoothly and your passengers get what they need. All of our aircraft are meticulously maintained and cleaned before each flight—and if you need to cancel, we can do that too.

Our select list of preferred operators can provide a wide range of aircraft, including single-engine turboprop planes and twin-engine jets, which means there’s something for every budget.

A business jet, private jet, or bizjet is a jet aircraft designed for transporting small groups of people. Business jets may be adapted for other roles, such as the evacuation of casualties or express parcel deliveries, and some are used by public bodies, government officials or the armed forces.


Cessna C525

One or two pilots and 5 passengers.

Small corporate jet. In service since 1993 (CJ1 since 2000). Developed as replacement of the CESSNA 500 Citation 1 with shorter fuselage, super critical wings and T-tail. Combines jet speed with very good field performance. To be replaced by CJ1 after 2000.

Citation 2

Cessna C550

Flightcrew of two and typical 6 passengers (Bravo: 7). Up to 10 in high density configuration.

Small to mid-size corporate jet. In service since 1978 (S2 since 1984, Bravo since 1997). Stretched Citation development, with more powerful engines, larger fuel tankage and increased wing span. Single pilot version CESSNA 551 Citation 2Sp (ICAO designator: C551). Replaced by CESSNA S550 Citation S2 in 1984. Returned to production in late 1985. New version: CESSNA 552 Citation Bravo, with more powerful engines and modern avionics. Bravo: MTOW: 6712 kg.

Hawker 750 / 850 / 900

Hawker  H25B

Flightcrew of two typical 8 passengers in corporate, up to 14 in high density configuration.

Twin turbofan executive jet. In service since 1977 (800 since 1984). Recent version of the worlds longest running corporate-jet program (DH-125, HS-125, BAe-125-700, BAe-125-800). US-Mil. type: C-29. The original Bae 125-800 type has been improved and sold to RAYTHEON, USA, now designated Hawker 800 (new developments: Hawker 850SP, 850XP). Over 1000 aircraft were built in all versions.

Global Express

Bombardier       BD-700

Flightcrew of two and typical 8 passengers in corporate, up to 18 in commuter configuration.

Ultra long range, high speed corporate jet. In service since 1999. Ultra long range corporate development of CANADAIR Regional Jet airliner, with same fuselage, new wings, new swept T-tail and six screen EFIS cockpit.