There are plenty of things to do and see in Merimbula

Merimbula is a beautiful coastal town on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia. It’s a great place to visit for a holiday or weekend getaway.

If you’re looking for something to do in Merimbula, we recommend visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). The MOCA is a gallery that showcases works from up-and-coming artists around the world. There are many different exhibitions throughout the year, and they always have something new to see!

Another great thing to do in Merimbula is take a walk along the beach—it’s one of our favorite places in Australia! You can swim or just relax by the water. Make sure to bring your bathing suit along so you can get into the water right away!

You’ll find plenty of places to eat and drink, with options ranging from casual cafes to fancy restaurants. There are also plenty of shops catering to tourists, so if you’re looking for souvenirs or gifts, Merimbula is definitely worth checking out!

  • Head over to the Merimbula RSL Club for a Sunday roast. This is a huge local institution, and it’s so good that it has its own Facebook page!
  • Take a drive out towards the coast, where you’ll find plenty of great beaches. You can even camp on one of them if you’re up for it!
  • Have some drinks at The Pines Hotel in Merimbula—it’s got an excellent view of the ocean and a pretty cool vibe.

If you want to avoid crowds (and traffic), then try walking instead of driving on one of these five best hikes in Merimbula:

The Cliff Walk (North side)

The Cliff Walk (South side)