Airline Pilot

Airline Pilot

Position Available: Aircraft Charter is seeking experienced Pilots to join our contracting team. We are looking for pilots who are proficient in all aspects of the job. We offer competitive rates and growth opportunities within our operator network.

If this sounds like you, please apply via the link below.

Are you interested in becoming an airline pilot?

Do you have a passion for flying and an eye for detail?

If so, then the aviation industry is calling. The job market for airline pilots is strong, with many companies hiring new pilots every year.

Pilots are required to hold at least a commercial pilot license (CPL) / airline transport pilot license (ATPL), Pilots must also undergo operator training programs before being allowed to fly commercially for our operators as per the assigned operator procedures in order to maintain their contract agreements.

Our contract pilots are responsible for all aspects of flight operations, from preflight preparation to final landing. They must be able to handle emergencies on the aircraft, as well as respond to problems while in flight. They also work closely with other crew members to ensure that flights are safe and executed properly as required by the operator.